N is one of my favs.. His face highly amuses me and he seems to care a lot about the members

Anonymous said:
Yoonmin (my otp ye)

awwh they’re cute, not my favourite pairing but they’re cute

suga seems to actually really care for jimin and that’s sweet

goodnight! I’m sure you’re gonna do good on your test tomorrow! :)

thank you~ ;n;

O, RUL8, 2?


first i was jealous of the dog, but now i’m starting to think i want to be a pair of hand weights in my next life. 


the pairing?

I like chunjoe together, I think they get along great and I love seeing them togehter

Anonymous said:
I love your tumblr you should sleep then if you have a test good night!

thank you and yes I really should ;;

Anonymous said:
Senpai <3 good luck for your math exam tomorrow (thank you for noticing me). Hope you do it well! FIGHTING and love you (>°3°)>

ah thank you! I’m going to need it ;A;

I hope so too, hwaiting~ :3